Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca Branch - Project promoter

Romanian Academy Cluj-Napoca Branch, through the Library of the the Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca Branch, has an experience of several decades in capitalizing, both for the general public and for the academia, its rich book funds. In order to bring its rich collections of old and rare books closer to the general public, the Library has organized numerous exhibitions in recent years, among which we mention: “Ars Medica – Medical books from the XVI-XVIII centuries in the collections of the Romanian Academy Library” (2015); “Luther. 500 Years of Reform ”(2017); “The beginnings of the Romanian written culture” (2018) and others. Also, through collaborations at national level with various partners, the Library participated with objects from its collections in various exhibitions: “Treasures inherited from our ancestors”, House of Religious Freedom, Cluj-Napoca, 2018; “They were printed in Transylvania, in the city of Belgrade. 450 years since the printing of the first book in Alba Iulia ”, National Unification Museum Alba Iulia, 2017.

National Unification Museum Alba Iulia

The National Unification Museum in Alba Iulia collects, preserves, researches, restores, communicates and exhibits, for the purpose of knowledge, education and recreation, material and spiritual testimonies of the existence and evolution of human communities, as well as of the environment. Within the institution there are six departments specialized in cultural activities, as follows: – Archeology section, – History-Library section, – Museikon section, – Restoration-conservation laboratory, – the Old Books National Conservation and Restoration Center, – Public relations. The Old Books National Conservation and Restoration Center, established in 1996, as a specialized compartment within the National Unification Museum in Alba-Iulia, the first of its kind in the country, is intended to be a place where old books and documents come back to life. The laboratory is responsible for the conservation and restoration of the patrimony of the Museum, but also performs works on a contract basis, for other beneficiaries, such as: the Romanian National Art Museum from Bucharest, Octavian Goga County Library Cluj-Napoca, Nicolae Iorga County Library Ploieşti, Brașov Evangelical Church, Superior Consistory of the Evangelical Church in Romania, etc.

Bjerkaker LearningLab

Activities for which Bjerkaker LæringsLab (BLL) is competent include:

  • Andragogy / pedagogy, adult learning and education, study circles
  • Planning and organizing study trips and visits in Norway and abroad
  • Project management, presentations and teaching/training
  • Projects on cultural heritage and cultural history
  • Development dialogue and focus group meetings for change.

Recent BLL clients and project partners include:

Norwegian Association for Adult Education, The Academic Adult Education Association, The Evening School Rogaland, The Center for International Cooperation in Education, The University of Trondheim, The Nordic Network for Adult Learning, The German Folk High School Association, Adult Education and Development, The German Institute for Adult Education, European Association for Adult Education. BLL had partners from Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. BBL is also part of the Phronesis SA consortium, which is a non-profit cooperative enterprise, established in June 2018 with eight experts in various fields.