Theoretical training in the field of classification of heritage objects

The theoretical training in the field of classification of heritage objects was carried out through mentoring since the beginning of the project. The classification expert assumed, within the project, the role of trainer in the field of classification, in order to initiate two assistants, permanent employees of the Library of the Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca Branch, in all the work of classifying old books and manuscripts in the National Patrimony. As the classification of movable cultural property is a thorough activity, which involves several stages, the two beneficiaries of these training programs were involved in all stages of classification of the manuscript fragments restored within the framework of the project. The two members of the project’s team were, thus, involved in the preparation of the “Classification File” and were initiated in the correct and detailed completion of the Classification Application Form addressed to the Heritage Directorate of the Ministry of Culture.  Together with the trainer they filled in all “Standard Sheets” related to the restored manuscripts, including the series of descriptions regarding each of these cultural objects. They have also been involved in filling in the detailed “Analytical Sheets” and the “Conservation Sheets”.

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