The classification activity

The classification process followed the complete restoration of the first manuscripts. It continued in parallel with the restoration works. The filing process consists of drafting necessary documentation for describing each restored manuscript. 32 “Filing Applications” have been submitted for approval to the Cultural Heritage Directorate, Ministry of Culture. The identification records have “standard sheets”, which include: the description of the assets (materials, techniques, measures and other identification parameters), reference documents, antecedents, conservation status, quantity, specific data – signatures, inscriptions, brands etc. Moreover, there are supplementary “analytical sheets” that describe detailed information (the owners, the title, the catalogue description, illustrations, decorative elements, the alphabet, general notes, binding and preservation state, ex-libris, bibliophily criteria, principal headline, the title page). Some attached photographs would show essential aspects (the cover, the first page etc.). Additional “conservation records” include descriptions regarding: the author, the owner, the category, the date, the inventory number, measures and the number of pages. Thus, the Analysis Report includes all the above-mentioned documents, as well as an exhaustive description regarding the loss of integrity of the asset: defectives, stamping, damaged pages, text additions, annotations, rebounding, usage of materials, restoration works, storage conditions and conservation suggestions. Photographs of the manuscripts are also enclosed. All manuscripts were thoroughly analysed in order to be considered cultural heritage. The Indexing Expert calculated the classification score for each manuscript in compliance with the criteria established by the Cultural Heritage Directorate. All indexing suggestions were based on certain considerations, such as: age, frequency, state of preservation, historical value, memorial value, authenticity, formal quality.

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