About the project

The need for this project’s implementation originates in the latest trends in the field of librarianship, namely in the trial to overcome those traditional library practices which often make it difficult for the public to access collections of old or rare books. Among the direct effects of the project, we propose an increase of the general public’s accessibility to fragments of rare medieval manuscripts owned by the project promoter and the organizing of a composite exhibition (classic, video and digital consultation, tryout of exhibit items through demonstrative workshops) meant to facilitate an interactive tryout of the medieval history of Cluj, through the manuscripts of that time.

We endorse, as indirect results of the project, the raising of the level of the general public’s awareness concerning the history of these manuscripts as well as regarding their fragility while confronted to the implacable passage of time.

Moreover, we intend to facilitate the process of aquiring cultural (and scientific) knowledge of an entire historical tradition of multiculturalism and pluralism of religious confessions emerging from medieval Transylvania.

Within the framework of the project, we propose,in a period of 24 months, a complex intervention (which implies expertise, restoration, treasuring) on 21 fragments of medieval codices, the training and professional development of 6 persons in the fields involved in this complex intervention, as well as the presentation, in a composite exhibition, of these restored mobile cultural goods. All these objectives aim at promoting social cohesion between citizens of different ethnicities and confessions, by creating a model of cooperation with the purpose of awarding value to cultural heritage.

Since the Promoter does not own an old books restoration laboratory, adequate enough to properly address the urgent need of restoring the manuscripts selected from its deposits and since it also lacks qualified staff for this purpose, a partnership with the National Museum of the Unification Alba- Iulia has been set up. Moreover, this partnership, as well as the one established with Bjerkaker LearningLab, a Norwegian NGO, will facilitate, through its formal and non-formal training activities through mutual exchange of experience, the creation of a model of good practices in complex intervention on cultural heritage. Thus, at least six of the team members will directly benefit from training in order to develop professional skills and enrich their knowledge in the field of old-books’ examining, restoration, treasuring and innovative exhibiting. The project Promoter will provide for the formation activities in the fields of examining and treasuring old books. Restoration training will be undertaken by Partner 1, while Bjerkaker LearningLab will undertake the training on designing the multimedia version of the exhibition and on facilitating the educational activities within the exhibition through nonformal training methods.

Project promoter: Romanian Academy Cluj-Napoca Branch
Project partners: Alba-Iulia National Union Museum (Romania), Bjerkaker LearningLab (Norway)
Total budget of the project: 616.578,49 lei (128.934,67 euro)
Value of the non-reimbursable grant (85% SEE Grant  and 15% national budget): 615.817,69 lei (128.775,57 euro)
Duration: 24 months
Implementation location: Cluj-Napoca, Alba Iulia (Romania), Oslo (Norway)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Proiect-Fragmed-reconstituind-cultura-medieval%C4%83-din-fragmente-de-codice-102049364940963