Workshop for the presentation of parchment production and processing techniques

On September 12 and 13, 2022, two parchment production and processing workshops were organized. In the first workshop, our expert illustrated the parchment processing process, with specific informations regarding the technical aspects of making parchment from various types of skins and the influence of technological parameters in obtaining the special characteristics of various uses of parchment. Also in this workshop, the expert in parchment processing illustrated the main moments in the history of parchment processing, with an emphasis on the medieval regional history of this craft, which was characterized by the production, in Transylvania of the Middle Ages, of a type of parchment of such high quality, that it could hardly be distinguished from the imported one.
During the second workshop, the expert in parchment processing presented a guide for assessing the state of degradation of a heritage parchment, explaining (i) the methods of identifying the animal from which it is made, (ii) the types of damage depending on the factors of deterioration and (iii) evaluation of the degree of deterioration.

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