The training and professional development activity

The training and professional development activity aims at developing the skills and the expertise of five people from the project team in areas related to librarianship. This activity was carried out in all stages of the project`s progress. The training activities cover four different areas related to the intervention on old books: expertise, restoration, classification and exhibition and, involving the Norwegian institution, support international cultural cooperation in the field of cultural heritage. Job-shadowing activities were used for restoration and exposure. Formal training and non-formal mentoring were used as learning tools for the expertise concerning old manuscripts and classification. Both types of training were carried out in parallel with the intervention activities on the 21 fragments, and the beneficiaries were involved in all stages of these intervention actions. This activity started in the second month of the project and has involved, so far, several sub-activities: training and professional development in the field of restoration and conservation of old books, in the field of classification, in the field of codicology (expertise of old books). The training in exhibition design and for gaining curatorial skills begins in the months leading up to the opening of the exhibition.

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