The activity of describing and cataloging the fragments

The activity concerning describing and cataloging the fragments of medieval manuscripts involves the formation of beneficiaries in several directions: 1. Latin paleography, to decipher the texts and the correct framing of the writing (most often textual Gothic) and its variants (textus praescissus, cursiva libraria, bastard, etc.); 2. Codicology – for the description of codicological elements (dimensions, pagination, lines, etc.); 3. Elements of musical paleography – for dating and locating manuscripts with musical notations; 4. Elements of liturgy and initiation into the use of the Cantus database, etc .; 5. Elements of art history  – for the description of decorated initials; 6. Introduction to the use of databases and secondary literature to identify texts; 7. Introduction to the codicological nomenclature – for the correct description of the relevant elements.

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